Photo Gallery: Routers and Beddings for #lviv #ukraine @spaceeye Transport

36 hours, 1100 km, a T5 and a trailer. with a lot of help from friends everywhere, and quite some work in finding the destination: We were allowed to bring 5 tons of goods from Regensburg to the Ukrainian border, exactly at the time when Putin’s War startet to rage against Lviv. Some 100 routers and 1000 beddings were “ordered” in an emergency by the university of Lviv (Lemberg). We were supposed to meet a courier and hand it over – civilians from other countries are not allowed to enter Ukraine, a very wise rule for war times.

On Thursday, I packed and organized documents, we left at 7 P.M. on March 10, spent march 11 in Tomaszów Lubelski (north of Przemyśl), close to the Belarus/Ukraine/Poland corner. We left Friday evening and arrived home safe on Saturday morning (March 12), when we heard about the bombing of Lviv and the military base 30 km east of our route home. Thanks to everybody who helped, I will go there again. Donate to!

1100km, eastbound.

Timelapse: Three Weeks Regensburg

This video shows three weeks from our window in seven minutes and 200 MByte. I did it with an old Sony Android phone, a Raspberry Pi and some beautiful Open Source Linux software magic, including bash scripts, Image Magick, ffmpeg and stuff. Old school, I know, but I really liked finding out how to automatically sort out the blurry ones and add the fade-in and fade-out. Yes, if you know how to do it it’s all simple, but I love to learn things, even at my age.

Fun Fact: The footage contains the last two weeks of the Corona lock-down and after that the arrival of the tourist boats. The last third of the timelapse has our (second) museum ship being towed to the dock (on the left), the nasty speed boat junkies curling the water and the white “Strudelfahrt” tourist boats coming to Wurschtkuchl again. Mind the skies void of chemtrails, how awesome is that – why did our gov’t stop that :-))) ? And I love how the Yucca palm “grows out of the picture after we closed the window. Can you spot it?

A 20 days timelapse of Regensburg. an old Android phone, a Raspberry Pi, OSS and some scripts is all you need.

As far as I can see, this little project is WIP. I did some interesting things to get rid of the little flickers and other stuff (you’d be surprised what you’ll find on photos taken every five minutes), and I guess the video will continue to improve and get longer. 🙂
One next step is a mobile version of that stuff, with a battery pack and stuff. Why? Just for fun, of course.